Monday, December 05, 2005

How much effort have you spent on your architectural work/ideas/thoughts?
Architecture is a servicing career. You have to work smart instead of working hard.
It is not the matter of how hard you work to be successful. It is how sharp you are.
It is not the matter of how much effort you put into your work. It is how much you know.
It is not the matter of how much time you spent that wins. It is accuracy that matters.
I had my work ‘rectified’ again. New ideas. New concept. Better solutions.
I like it even it is not origiaated by me. I learned something. Simple form works better.
Always use simple form.
Use maximum 3 to 4 elements for architectural statement.
The structure, the volume, the detailing is to be emphasized.
We do/propose enough to let others continue what they want.
We create the major environment/ language of the building.
When dealing with staircases, we think about how people reacts with it to determine the form or shape of it.
How do people get upstairs?

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