How to think

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My art professor taught me how to think.
There are only 2 ways which is from general into the details, and from the details developing into the general.
The first thing is to determine the scale of the whole picture.
The width and height of the general must be correct, double check even triple check until it is correct. Then the next would be breaking down the general into phases, then into details. Learn to analyze the surface, the separation of faces, the light and the shadowed.
The second way of sketching was taught after one year of eye training on basic scaling of fundamental shapes. It is after you master the skill of scaling with your eyes then to be able to sketch from details or small objects developing into the general big picture. It is amazing that human eye is sometimes very accurate.
It is same even in generating architectural work/ building. It is vital and fundamental for an architect to have the ability to draw.
Sometimes we draft too much with computer that we are loosing track of where we are from. This passage is a reminder. I was trained for 2 years in pencil sketching, 1 year in basic poster color and water coloring. I can draw. I am so used to computer now. Even generating perspectives, we learn 3ds/sketchup/form-Z and so on. I must master and recapture my skill in sketching. I must be able to produce sketches like what my boss are able to. It is fundamental, basic, and vital. So does any architects or students must be able to and should be empowered~!

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