artlantis renderings with sketchup models

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

After my modeling process with sketchup. I am looking for a rendering program and artlantis + piranesi is my next step besides 3dsmax. The image beside is artlantis rendering results of sketchup model. to find out more...
For the mapping library located here~!

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Mr. Martini said...

I was at Siggraph a couple weeks ago and found that the ASCVIS people are planning to soon release a Vray plug-in for Sketchup. Early pricing is in the realm of $799. FYI.

I'm actually interested in Piranesi, but other than the EPX layer-isolation features it offers, it basically has all the tools as Photoshop. I see kick-ass stuff in the gallery on their website, but after perusing their tutorials and talking with reps, I can't see how they get there without doing most of the work in photoshop already?

Let me know how your Piranesi experiments progress.

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