Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"In September 2005, The Architect’s Newspaper and the AIA New York chapter held the first of four New Practices Roundtables, a discussion series meant to provide a forum and resource for start-up architecture firms. Launched at the initiative of last year's chapter president Susan Chin and directed by current president Mark Strauss, the roundtables were a chance for architects to share their insights and experience (not to mention frustrations) with starting and running their own firms. The sessions, held at the Center for Architecture featured experts, including technology consultants, branding specialists, insurance lawyers, who advised on matters such as how to get recalcitrant clients to pay up to the cost-efficiency of outsourcing to how to get one’s work published." to find out more...
Architecture In Formation (Matthew Bremer); September 14
G TECTS LLC (Gordon Kipping); November 9
Gage / Clemenceau Architects (Mark Foster Gage, Marc Clemenceau Bailly); January 11
Interboro Partners (Tobias Arborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theordore); March 8
WORK AC (Dan Wood, Amale Andraos); May 10
Zakrzewski Hyde Architects (Stas Zakrzewski, Marianne Hyde); July 12
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