Feng Shui Wall Paper

Friday, October 12, 2007

I had created a desktop wall paper beside. Just right click to save, if you like it. Feng Shui is a knowledge of ancient Chinese's practice of environment studies and psychological approach towards architectural and interior design. It emphasises on balances. Some basic facts from feng shui~ staircase is actually an element that breaks the air flow coming from the entrance. Staircase should be hidden in feng shui's point of view. If you can see the staircase from the entrance, you will tends to have a busy live. Believe it or not? From my own analysis~ when the airflow are in a chaotic form, the environment affects your emotions. Never let your waste pipes and soil pipe cross undernearth your cooking area to avoid cancer. Never let sharp corners faces your house. Never buy houses situated at junctions facing directly at a coming road. Now, I understand why Honeycomb houses are in conflict with feng shui. It is because of its odd shape configuration. Chinese would always prefer a rectangular site then a site with sharp corners. It represents harmony, a whole, and no choatic form. Chinese emphases on sequence and order. If I am pursuing a master in architecture, feng shui would definitely be my field of interest.

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